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October 18, 2012 (Kloten, Switzerland)

Professional recommendations in Switzerland published

Since 1990, in Switzerland, hundreds of small ponds were created in private homes. In recent years this trend has now spread to the public sector. In Switzerland and in neighboring countries already some facilities have been planned for the public sector and also built.

Since the definition of the technical facilities and the biological functions are not regulated in terms of natural functionality, such technical recommendations have been created in other countries. With this work, Switzerland is closing this lack of statutory requirements.

In case of natural swimming facilities has to be taken into account that the interaction of the biological functions and the technical equipment must be matched exactly. As well the behavior of the user is to be regulated, as it can be considered of less personal responsibility in the public sector.

Until the end of 2012 you can get the professional recommendations at a special price of CHF 50 excl. shipping costs. After this date the prize of the professional recommendations is CHF 100. Order your copy now. Write to