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November 20, 2011 (Bremen, Germany)

IQN - Quality label for natural baths

The German association DGfnB has taken an important step for quality assurance in public natural swimming ponds in Germany and awards the label IQN (index for the quality of natural swimming ponds).
Baths, which are awarded the IQN seal have, as required by the regulations, aquatic ecology and hygienic data collected by a monitoring program. They also have taken other measures to ensure good water quality and good operation performing. All the results of a season are included in the evaluation for the label. Based on the assessment, the label in the form of a certificate is awarded.
With the IQN seal DGfnB is trying to achieve a uniformly high quality of the swimming ponds in Germany. Operators of public natural ponds will benefit in many ways from the label (safe operating, marketing).
Further information can be found in this presentation.

download: Presentation IQN (in German) (3,844 kB)