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May 10, 2015 (Bremen, Germany)

PONDY Award - Nominees

Wrede, Germany
Trendvijvers, Netherlands
Gasiorowski, Germany

In the category of private natural pools are nominated the following projects:

Kolhöfer, Germany
Erni, Switzerland
Van Ginkel, Netherlands

The jury headed by Peter Petrich (non-voting) consisted of the planners Univ. Prof. Lilli Licka and Dipl.-Ing. Anja Werner and the journalists Friedemann Hennings and Joachim Scheible.

A second jury, headed by Stefan Bruns (non-voting) had the following participants: Michael Weilandt, Professor Mahabadi, Dr. Arno Cordes and Jack Fluch.

In the category tourist use swimming ponds was nominated:

Bio Piscinas, Portugal

In the category of public pools with biological water purification have been nominated:

Manzke, Germany
Bio-Water Gardens, Slovakia
Polyplan, Germany